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Fuzzy Tales (Testimonials)


Dear Karen,
Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of Molly. Felt completely at ease leaving her in your care. We had the most incredible honeymoon in Maui. We will be sure to call you the next time we go away!
Thanks again - you're the best!
Katie and Mike

Kitty Sitter,
Many a time I went away and worried about my cats,
wondering if they missed me a little, this or that ...
Found a wonderful lady, she took care of it all
I actually slept at night, never did that before

So once again I thank you, once again I'll say
if you need a reference, I'll sing like a bird all day
Don, Jan and Cats

Dear Karen,
Thanks so much for taking care of us while mommy and daddy were gone. We had so much fun! We love when you watch us. We are sending you some of our favorite treats C.E.T. chews. Maybe your babies will like them as much as we do.
Thanks again,
Louie, Sammy and Calvin

Karen, Our sincere apologies for not writing this note sooner, days turn into weeks, weeks into a month. We, Brad, me, Zoey, Mister Wiggins and Darwin, wanted to say thank you for the beautiful job you did in taking care of everything. Our house and plants look great, our children loved and cared for, and Brad and myself feeling relaxed and thankful. You are a wonderful, delightful and caring individual and we thank you. I have put your flyer up at work and I plan on recommending you to everyone with a pet. Please feel free to call or just come by and say hello. The kids will love to see you as well as their owners. You're the greatest!!!
Michelle, Brad, Zoey, Mister Wiggins and Darwin

Thanks so very much for giving so much of your time for the crew here, especially Elmo. It's great to know they are in your hands. I do appreciate your dedication. Wishing you a great weekend. I shall be in touch.

Dear Karen,
We must say that with you as Freddy's caretaker, our minds were totally free to enjoy cruise. We knew Freddy was in the best of care. It was proven true when we returned home to our happy, healthy cat. House clean as a whistle, the litter box clean and I'm sure Freddy looked forward to your visit and the goodies of shrimp each day. I've given your card to some friends and would appreciate some more as we belong to a large group of traveling friends who need a caring person such as you to take care of their pets. Thanks again for your loving care.
Lee and Milt